Curriculum Policy Statement

Our curriculum vision is enshrined in our values and aims to

  • create a happy, purposeful and secure learning environment which engenders in all a hunger to fulfil potential;
  • inspire a zest for learning which extends beyond the ordinary and endures beyond the temporary;
  • model and promote the value of lifelong learning;
  • develop enthusiastic, self-disciplined and motivated learners who respect themselves, others and the world around them;
  • recognise the unique talent within every individual and realise his or her full potential.

and to provide

  • an effective, rounded education that engages the whole person and extends beyond the academic.

The school’s aims to instil in students a love of learning that lasts through life requires a curriculum that stimulates, challenges and inspires and is independent of the political thinking of the day. Our curriculum therefore aims to offer breadth and personalisation where required and ensures that ability is not seen as a limiting factor in our provision.

Learning within the core subjects and modern foreign languages is seen as a five year continuum with incremental development of skills and understanding. Within the other subjects, a three year KS3 programme of study ensures that students achieve proficiency and understanding and a breadth of learning that offers a solid foundation for study at KS4 and beyond. The school is concerned that there should be no narrowing of curriculum and that the core offer at KS4 enables progression to more specialised pathways.

Of paramount importance is students’ education in the arts; creativity, the ability to express oneself through a range of media, to empathise and experience the world around us through the senses are key factors in shaping a curriculum that inspires and stimulates. In addition, students’ learning experience is enhanced through extension and enrichment activities. Participation in projects facilitated through external providers, visits and integrated learning days are just some examples of how this is achieved.

We are also committed to increasing our student’s participation in STEM subjects across both KS4 and 5 and to enabling students to understand the changing industries of the 21st century so that they can see how the STEM subjects offered in school, such as maths and physics, open up a whole raft of job roles and career choices.  This ambition is implemented through workshops, projects, competitions and industry links, which are established through external sponsorship and bursary opportunities.

Ultimately, we believe the curriculum is the gateway to achievement, and underpinning successful curriculum delivery is a timetable that allows for flexibility and enthusiastic and well-qualified teachers who are passionate about their subject and provide high quality teaching that really does allow all students to realise their fullest potential.

Further information about the school’s curriculum can be obtained by contacting the Deputy Headteacher for Quality of Education.


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