About our Sixth Form

The sixth form at King Edward VI Lordswood School for Girls is a co-educational facility for 16-19 year olds.  We are very proud of our sixth form, not just because of the excellent results that students achieve, but also because of the community that exists within the sixth form.

The sixth form is housed in a newly built specialist sixth form centre.  This provides an environment that is very different from conventional school.  Students have their own cafeteria, social space and work areas.  This helps students to develop the work ethos required for university or further study, whilst still in a supportive environment.  Students are not required to wear conventional school uniform, again this helps them to develop their independence.

Despite having their own building, sixth form students are still a vital part of the main school, there are opportunities for students to take on leadership roles within the school.  Students are encouraged to support in lessons, join extra curricular activities and participate in school events.

The sixth form team is always on hand to support students.  We have a dedicated Sixth form reception, attendance and bursary officer, as well as someone to specifically support students who require additional support e.g. organisation, behaviour for learning, study skills, emotional difficulties.  

The Director for Sixth Form and the Post 16 Achievement Co-ordinator organise a wide range of enrichment activities, these include social events like film nights, charity events and development opportunities e.g. visits to Oxford University and other universities.

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