Design and technology at King Edwards VI Lordswood School for Girls’ aims to be an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which develops creative, innovative and independent problem solvers that will be equipped with the skills to make a positive contribution to society and be successful in life. Through the study of design & technology, students will develop a love for designing and making and will apply the knowledge learnt in the classroom within everyday life, recognising the impact that design and technology has on daily life and the wider world. We aim to promote enjoyment and an inquisitive nature by exploring a range of different materials whilst following a central theme for the year to give a real world scenario feel that solves relevant problems whereby students need to consider not only their needs and wants but the needs and wants of the consumer/client. We want to create resilient problem solvers that can draw upon their knowledge but also be able to find out and research answers to problems themselves within the world around them. Whether that be through biomimicry, researching designers and makers or through other channels like youtube, television programmes or by talking to experts around them. Furthermore design and technology is a subject which has close links to Mathematics, Science, Computing and Art. We utilise those links and encourage students to draw upon the knowledge acquired within those subjects.

Careers Information

What might studying this subject lead to?

Hospitality and Catering at KS4 will allow students to go on and study a food based course at college and university. 

Careers in Hospitality and Catering include nutritionist, environmental health officer, chef, catering manager, hotel manager.

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