Business studies provides young people with knowledge and skills related to the process of starting and running a business. This helps them develop an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging them to think creatively, understand business risks, and explore the various types of business organisations. They learn about financial management including cash flow, profitability and sources of finance, this knowledge equips them with essential skills to manage their own finances effectively, make informed financial decisions, and plan for their future.

Business studies encourages students to think critically, analyse business situations, and propose effective solutions. Students engage in case studies and group projects that require them to think critically, make decisions, and solve problems.

This subject often incorporates real-world examples, case studies, and business visits, allowing students to connect theoretical knowledge to real-life situations. This helps them develop a better understanding of how businesses operate and prepares them to face real-world challenges. They begin to think critically about their local High Street and the offerings they bring to the local community; in terms of jobs, ethics, products and services.

Students are introduced to various career paths in the business world. It helps them explore different areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, entrepreneurship, and management. This broadens their career options and equips them with foundational knowledge required for pursuing higher education or entering the workforce.

Careers Information

What might studying this subject lead to?

Most students aspire to start their own business and become self-employed in various different fields. For instance a pharmacist, may have pursued Sciences, however will inspire to own their own pharmacy for this the skills from business studies; finance marketing, relationship with suppliers and recruitment is crucial to their success. Others, from the get-go may have a business idea, may have spotted a gap in the market and choose to start small with an Etsy or eBay business online, or like Lord Sugar from the back of the van; the skills of entrepreneurship understanding e-commerce buying and selling, pricing strategies and gaining competitive advantage are the skills in business that students will need in order to become a global success.

Accountancy and Finance These careers are quite vast and vary depending on the organisation in which you wish to work. KPMG and PWC are some of the largest financial firms in the country they specialise in a range of different finance areas including accountancy, investment banking and much more. To become a accountant, you do not need to go to university to do a degree there are many businesses that are willing to sponsor individuals to do an apprenticeship; where you learn about finance, book-keeping and the law in terms of regulation and get become a fully qualified accountant.

Human resources management This area is about managing people and getting the right individuals for the right job. This can be via a recruitment agency or an in-house HRM department. Often it can include a lot of paperwork to do with writing job descriptions, personal specifications,  being complaint the law as well as the hiring and firing of staff.

Retail and Hospitality

Business studies helps you understand the importance of customer service relationships with your customer stakeholder group as well as your suppliers. More recently the ethical values of a business from their supply chain to their labour force is becoming more and more important, therefore management  jobs in retail and hospitality link to studying business.

Marketing jobs can look very different from creating billboards, creating packaging, visual merchandising to undertaking market research to  support decision making. Now, due the ever-changing nature of the internet e-marketing is a huge area of business.The key is being an excellent communicator.

The Curriculum
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