As a curriculum subject we aim to help students understand the unique language of music. Our intention is to enable students to develop their cultural understanding of music by exploring world music and improving their critical understanding as they engage with and analyse music in popular, world and classical styles.  

The curriculum aims to teach the students a range of skills, such as solo and ensemble music playing, composing, listening and appraising and developing their music ICT skills by learning to use notation and sequencing software. This should help foster a love for music, nurture musical talent, provide performance opportunities and provide ways to explore history, culture and other life issues through music.

Careers Information

What might studying this subject lead to?

University course.  Career opportunities in music – Performer: instrumental / musical theatre, Studio engineer, School teacher / Private music teacher, Music Therapist, Instrument repairs/retail, Sheet music editing/ publishing, Film animation or video game composer.

The Curriculum
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