The RE curriculum is based on the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus and is bespoke to our students. The program of study equips students with the skills and knowledge that allow them to develop a wider insight into contemporary religious beliefs and traditions in Britain. Focusing on knowledge, the department’s aim is to enable students to articulate their views about a wide range of social, religious, ethical and spiritual issues affecting the UK. The sequential planning of topics are connected both across each school term in the year and also across year groups. The RE curriculum is based on the development of the core dispositions, such as choice, compassion, contemplation, creativity, community and commitment. These dispositions have been spread across KS3, meaning students will get multiple exposure to these as well as reflecting at the end of each topic, how they have developed their learning in relation to that disposition for example, contemplation. 
In terms of skills, there is a focus on the skills of analysis, evaluation and application. As part of analysis students are encouraged to demonstrate links between different beliefs and concepts in order to understand how ideas in society and religion are linked, while also identifying differences that they exist. As part of evaluation, students analyse a range of beliefs and worldviews and their importance. In terms of application, students are given the opportunity to demonstrate the use of concepts and beliefs in explaining practices in the UK and global level. The combination of skills combined will give all students the ability to critically analyse our world and feel confident in expressing their views.

Careers Information

What might studying this subject lead to?

The transferable skills developed on this course, such as analysis, evaluation, and understanding the various influences on human behaviour and thought, would benefit any career in public services including the education, health care, journalism, law, civil service, human resources, public relations, law enforcement sectors as well as many others.

The Curriculum
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