The science department is driven by the desire to engage, challenge and inspire all students of all abilities and provide them with a detailed and comprehensive science education.

Students are taught to link ideas from all 3 science disciplines and maths. They are taught to question the world around them and to analyse and evaluate evidence presented to them.

Careers Information

What might studying this subject lead to?

Medicine, Dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, biomedical engineering, research science (life sciences), microbiology, marine biology, conservation, and ecology, environmental management, food science, agricultural engineering and zoology.

Careers in Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Science, Engineering, Biochemical Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Sales Representative and lots more.

From cancer treatment to tackling climate change, gaming to robotics and artificial intelligence, physics and physicists are on the front line, helping to shape the future. At a time when jobs are changing, physics offers a vast and expanding range of career paths.

And it’s not only science and technology. What many people don’t realise is how valued and respected physics skills and ways of thinking are in other, often well-paid, industries – like finance and law.

Find out more: Your future with physics: A guide for young people | Institute of Physics (

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

BTEC Extended Diploma / Certificate:
Pharmacy, physiotherapy, radiography, sports science, dental hygiene, foundation courses in medicine and dentistry, biological science, research science (life sciences), microbiology, management, food science.

The Curriculum
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