Parents’ Forum Minutes

At King Edward VI Lordswood School for Girls we endeavour to engage with parents via a range of different methods.  Parent forum gives parents the opportunity to ask questions about the decisions we make as a school and to raise general concerns.

Each term parents are invited to submit questions in advance so that the headteacher can arrange for the most appropriate people within the school to attend the forum.

The headteacher (and others members of the school community) will then answer these questions via an online meeting.  If parents have remaining questions that aren’t answered during the presentation they are invited to contact the school for an individual meeting, this keeps the meeting short and manageable.

Parent forum is for general questions only, we are not able to discuss individuals in an open meeting.  If you have a specific question relating to your child, we ask that contact the relevant achievement coordinator who will be happy to assist.

Parental Survey

We regularly send out surveys to consult with parents on a range of decisions.  In 2022 parents were consulted on the introduction of the new school uniform.  Their input greatly shaped the uniform that students wear today.  Please check the weekly parent bulletin for surveys.

As well as surveys on key changes, we also survey parents on an annual basis about general opinions.  This information is used to shape the school development plan.  An example of this was the introduction of ‘in person’ curriculum evenings for each year group starting in 2022.  This was as a result of the parental surveys from 2021/22 identifying that parents would like more information about what their child will study each year.

Virtual Parents Forum Minutes June 2023

Virtual Parents Forum Minutes March 2023

Parent Forum Presentation March 2023

Parent Forum Presentation




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