At King Edward VI Lordswood School for Girls we have a team of trained safeguarding leads (known as DSLs).  If you are ever concerned about a child’s welfare (or your own), it is essential that this is reported to a DSL as soon as possible.

Our DSL team comprises of the following members of staff:

  • Laura Betty – Lead DSL
  • Amanda Uffindall – Achievement Coordinator – Inclusion DSL
  • Marshall McDonald – Family Support Worker and Isolation Manager
  • Patricia McKenzie- Behaviour Manager
  • Diane Baxter- behaviour Mentor
  • Karen Leadbetter – Director for Post 16 DSL
  • Solomon Gibson Post 16 Student Support Coordinator DSL
  • Kerry Cooney  Headteacher DSL
  • Lynne Finucane Assistant Headteacher – Personal Development DSL
  • Loveena Verma Assistant Headteacher – Data, Assessment and Outcomes DSL
  • Deborah Peniket – Year 7 Achievement Coordinator 
  • Laura Siviter – Year 10 and 11 Achievement Coordinator
  • Rajdeep Waraich – Year 12 and 13 Achievement Coordinator

If students have a concern about themselves, another student or a member of staff it can be logged here via the My Voice link and it will report directly to the school’s safeguarding team which will be picked up in school days and within school hours. This can be done so anonymously but the more information we have, the better and that includes your name.

My Voice Link

Please remember that any URGENT concerns should be verbally told to a member of staff and not just logged on here.

Most of the safeguarding team are located in the pastoral office on level 1 and Lead DSL Mrs Betty is in room 027 but you can speak to any member of staff.

Any urgent concerns about staff should be reported directly to Headteacher Mrs Cooney.

Parents/members of the public can contact a DSL via the school number – 0121 429 2838

Students can find the location of the DSL offices on the notice board in the main foyer, alternatively they can contact student reception who will locate a DSL.

If the concern arises out of school hours please contact CASS.  There details can be found on the following website: 

All concerns safeguarding concerns relating to a member of staff must be reported to the headteacher.  If the safeguarding concern relates to the headteacher then the concern should be addressed to the Chair of Governors (Mrs C. Huxstable) via the Clerk to the Governors – Jeannette Wier:  

At King Edward Vi Lordswood School for Girls we use a range of interventions and agencies to support students with their behaviour, mental health, attendance and overall well being. The following Pastoral Toolkit outlines what interventions we can offer and a range of useful phone numbers to access support. 

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