Outside & External Agencies

The school works with a variety of external agencies which are listed below:

Pupil and School Support Service (PSS)
For students on the additional needs register or those being monitored.This service works with school to help students with cognition and learning difficulties. PSS will also liaise with school staff to support and advise on policy and procedures.

Educational Psychologist (EP)
Support with their expertise to work with students being monitored for an external plan of support. They work collaboratively with children, parents/careers and school.

Communication and Autism Team (CAT)
Students may receive visits from the CAT team to help them with practical advice, resources and strategies.

Social Services
For students who are vulnerable.

Physical Disabilities Support Service (PDSS)
For students with physical needs (gross and fine motor).

School Nurse
For students identified as being ‘in need’ usually via the pastoral team.  Students with medical issues/social emotional and mental health issues.

Forward Thinking Birmingham (STICK -Screening, Training, Intervention, Consultation and Knowledge Team)
For students with additional needs due to social, emotional, behavioural difficulties.

Sensory Support Services
For students with impairments with vision and/or hearing. Our allocated worker visits school to work with students to give, practical support and advice. Training advice and support is also given to teachers and parents.

James Brindley
For students who cannot access mainstream education (Birmingham).

Albright Education Centre
For students who cannot access mainstream education (Sandwell).

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